A recent report shows that after long exposure to their phone, two women went blind. Of course, this is a legitimate and physical problem we face: the possibility of going blind after excessive long exposure to “blue light“. However, what about the intellectual aspect of going blind: are we truly becoming disconnected from each other’s personal touch and love? Is the upcoming adulthood generation going to be unable to reproduce or find love due to their anxiety along with lack of social skills that were greatly underdeveloped?

No. The answer is no. We can all go home now.

As much as the generation before us young’uns wants to believe that our phones are killing our social ability, while it may be true to a degree, it will not stop humans from interacting fully, and especially not from reproducing. In fact, I personally believe that technology has advanced to the point where we’ve increased in births (many unexpected or unwanted, though) due to how we use our tech devices. We all know about those apps like Tinder? While its primary intention is for dating, there are numerous articles on the interwebs describing the best ways to “get laid” by the use of these apps.

Back in my day…

We’ve all heard the endless stories of how our mothers and fathers walked through a blizzard to get to school every day with no phone, no electricity in their homes, and spiders they had to eat. Multiple times in my childhood, I was told I could not use the computer for research on various papers, I had to use the encyclopedia set on the shelf. Is this the very not form of imagination and learning limitation? Imagine how much information about technology, or more facts found about historical events, have been updated since those encyclopedia books were originally manufactured.

So, dear old people: stop it. Things have changed. And as you continuously told your child: grow up. It’s absolutely immature to think that nothing around you changed and that you can live the way you lived back then in today’s economy. An above-entry-level full-time salary job does not even pay enough to take care of one’s self without having to work a second job. Often these young students are required to take out a credit card or loan to afford to pay a bill.